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HSPCL has over 45 years experience within the Health and Safety industry.






HSPCL is a Health, Safety, Engineering and Training Consultancy that provides honest and reliable advice. Our head office is based West Sussex and we have clients all over the United Kingdom and Europe. 


HSPCL will provide the highest possible levels of service to, and representation for, its, clients and customers, both individually and jointly:


  • Provide professional, quality service to its clients and customer


  • Provide up to date Health, Safety and Engineering Advice


  • Provide up to date Health and Safety Training 



To promote good Health and Safety practices and training within each industry and to impliment the following:


  • To increase the level of Health and Safety within each industry


  • To promote and maintain skills and competence within each industry


  • To achieve high training standards to raise the level of Health and Safety within each industry

"We support our clients and customers by assisting them in practicable, honest and reliable advice while promoting best practice and set industry standards".

" Safety by choice, not by chance"

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