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Director's Role for Health and Safety

Director's Role for Health and Safety

What is the Directors’ Role for Health and Safety course?
This one-day course aims to highlight the human, economical and financial implications of non-compliance with health and safety legislation.

Discover how to promote a positive health and safety culture within your organisation.
You’ll be encouraged to explore your legal responsibilities and consider how boardroom decisions impact on the health and safety of your workforce.
Open-forum workshops facilitate stimulating discussion.
  • Details

    Duration: One day

    Cost: £200

    Locations: UK wide
    Course Programme
    Successful candidates will gain knowledge and skills in:

    Moral and human costs/the implications of decisions made in the boardroom
    The economic implications of an unsafe working environment
    The legal responsibilities with regard to health and safety
    The principles and importance of the risk assessment process
    Appointing competent health and safety assistance and the limitations of such an appointment
    The basic tools of introducing a proactive health and safety culture
    Entry requirements
    The minimum entry requirement is a good understanding of spoken and written English. If you have any concerns in this area, please call us on 07796206505

    Assessment and exams

    A combination of classroom-based theory and tutorials. You will be continuously assessed throughout the day and will have to complete a multiple-choice test.

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