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HAVS Awareness

HAVS Awareness

Aims and objectives:
All personnel who use vibrating equipment must be aware of the hazards and dangers of such equipment. This training course helps train candidates on how to identify any disorders and ensure that they are using equipment appropriately.
Intended for:
All personnel who use vibrating tools and equipment at work.
Why choose this course?
• To give awareness to employees of the hazards of vibrating equipment and to record their personal exposure daily limits.
• Understand the implications of the HASAWA 1974 (overview).
• What is HAVS.
• The symptoms of HAVS and recognising the condition.
• Recognise hazards arising from the use of vibrating equipment
and understand the precautions, which should be observed.
• Prevention and control of HAVS.
• Manufactures duties.
• Reporting defective equipment.
• Recording of personal exposure units (Timesheets).
Multiple Choice Questionnaire and a successful completion certificate.
  • Details

    Duration: Half Day

    Cost: £90

    Location: Various

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