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RPE Awareness and Face Fit Testing

RPE Awareness and Face Fit Testing

Aims and objectives:
This training course has been designed to provide the necessary information and instruction to form a satisfactory understanding and awareness of the issues relating to the selection, use, maintenance, cleaning and storage of RPE according to current regulations.
Intended for:
Why choose this course?
This training course is aimed at operatives, supervisors and managers who wear RPE on a frequent or infrequent basis and/or have a duty to manage RPE procedures in the workplace.
Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is unlikely to provide optimum protection if the wearer does not know how to use, maintain and store the equipment in the correct manner.
Employers must ensure that adequate training is provided to all operatives, supervisors and managers who have any responsibility for RPE in the workplace before first use. Training should include:
• Selection and Use of RPE
• Correct Donning and Doffing Procedures
• Current Legislation
• Basic Maintenance Requirements
• Cleaning
• Storage
• Respirator Face Fit Testing
• Recording Keeping
• Final Assessment
Employers are required by law to ensure that suitable training for RPE is provided before first use to all existing and new operatives, supervisors and managers and thereafter refresher training should be provided at a suitable period. Refresher training is especially important for those who wear or maintain RPE on an infrequent basis.

Completion of the RPE and Face Fit Testing activities, briefings including hand out for each person, report providing recommendations for the employer, copy of pass report for employer and completion certificate for employee.
  • Details

    Duration: Half Day

    Cost: £120

    Location: Various

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